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I've not watched the UK soap for ages, they are all so ridiculously far fetched these days, having been a fan of the genre for years. But watching Eastenders tonight, isn't this where it's all gone wrong? So Steven is now wanting to murder Jane. How many people do you know who have killed someone or even murdered someone? (Not that they'd probably tell!) The soaps have become cartoons, characters contemplating murder at the drop of a hat. Anyone who has studied drama will have read Macbeth and understood the psychological guilt and trauma that this character faces after killing the King. Most normal people feel wracked with guilt if they shoplift or gossip behind a friends back. This is where the UK soaps have lost it, truthful psychologically developed characterisation being jettisoned for quick fix, ratings grabbing, attention seeking nonsense. The soaps need to come down to earth if they are to once again deserve the attention of a mass audience. You may as well watch episodes of Tom and Jerry instead of the soaps these days. And to think most of the writers are considered 'educated'. I think they must read 'Take A Break' magazine before every story conference.

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