'SCARS' - Currently in Development

'SCARS' - The Concept

Screenwriter:  Stephen Surridge

Genre:  A Pioneering Audience Interactive Comedy Drama Serial for Web Television


A sexy Web TV/TV comedy drama serial based on the lives of a group of students studying at University.


Whilst studying, the characters are forced to confront their authentic selves, learning to accept and love who they truly are.


Every year Britain's students leave home - for possibly the first time ever - to live with complete strangers in their university's halls of residence. And away from home they begin to learn about themselves, confronting the many conflicts that exist within themselves. This is the concept for this exciting comedy drama series, the young characters being thrown together as if by fate, coming to terms with the emotional scars that haunt them from their pasts.


Based at Trentfield University - a fictitious North London university campus - the series will focus on all age groups, characters being: the students; mature students; their lecturers; and visiting friends and relatives.


Dramatizing the lifestyle of university students, we'll see: romances and friendships being made and broken; aspects of the courses the cast attend; the legendary university social life; whilst discovering the many sad and traumatic secrets that haunt the characters.


This high concept production is designed for the 14 to 35 year old viewing audience

MAIN CHARACTERS - image likenesses only

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