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Touchlife Productions Ltd (originally called SSFilms Ltd) was formed in September 2000 to create original, dynamic video content for the new online video world.


It's aim is to establish and define the innovative, interactive and monetary potential of Internet Television for an entire generation.

Traditional television needs to radically transform itself from a passive to a hyper-interactive media if it is to remain relevant to the next generation in this paradigm shifting digital revolution.


Today's audiences no longer want to just buy and consume product, they want to BE the product, actively involved in the development of the brand. And the brands that realise this - X Factor, Big Brother, Facebook, Google and YouTube - have become the industry leaders."


Touchlife Productions Ltd aims to take this interactivity further, and create content that have a beneficial and positive impact on the life of the audience.




How will we do this?


By creating quality, 'solution focussed' video entertainment for the global audience.


While the rest of the broadcast world seems fixated on dramatizing only the very worst that life can offer, all Touchlife Productions will be defined by their portrayal of both the 'problem' and the 'solution', educating audiences into how they can improve their lives and overcome the insurmountable. 


Through the creation of  a wide range of community building (both online and real world) ‘active media brands' that will fully involve the audience in the development of original Web TV video content, these industry defining concepts will revolutionise the way television is used in our society and will generate lucrative multiple revenue streams, monetizing Web TV beyond traditional advertising.


To date Web TV is the poor cousin of the established broadcast platforms. With this vision, it will become a dominant platform in its own right.


"The challenge now facing all media producers is one of relevance. As more and more media and broadcast platforms are created, audiences are asking: 'How is your content relevant to me?'

– Stephen Surridge

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