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Neighbours, Everybody Loves Good Neighbours. Even Though Nothing Ever Changes.

I watch every episode of Neighbours - it's about the only nice, friendly show on TV in the UK - but I'm bored with the fact that nothing ever changes. None of the drama has any impact as you know nothing is ever going to really change. A few weeks back it seemed the new family could have had a dramatic story which would have really put them under pressure, exposing who they really are (when they thought their youngest daughter - no idea of her name - had been kidnapped) but, oh no, she was sleeping in the shed: everything back to normal. Zzz... Even Harold's hasn't been renamed and he left the show years ago. Though I seemed to remember the coffee shop was called Daphne's for years after she'd karked it. Now that was a character! What the show needs is an embittered, gossiping busybody like Mrs Mangel to stir up trouble. Sheila just doesn't cut it. Forget the murderers, rapists and arsonists of the other soaps, Mrs Mangel caused more credible drama with her vicious tongue than any killer or crook. It was suggested the great Hilary Robinson might be back but that hasn't happened. Something needs to happen soon though to wake me from my stupor.

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