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Previous Productions


Directors:  Dean Letts & Marina Morales

Screenwriter / Presenter / Producer:  Stephen Surridge

Genre:  Documentry


Contributing to the broadcast content of Portsmouth based Internet Television station 'Portsmouth Live TV', Touchlife Productions Ltd produced numerous content for the station, including the stations second highest rating  show 'Fun At The Flicks', which attracted 75,000 unique viewers every week.


The show featured celebrity gossip, movie trailers, and reviews of the latest film and DVD releases.


View an episode here.


Clients:  Islington Council; Havant County Council; Portsmouth City Council

Producer / Director:  Stephen Surridge

Genre:  Educational & Training Films


Touchlife Productions Ltd have worked with numerous local authority's across the years, making a wide range of video productions for various channels of distribution.


In 1999, the company worked with Islington Council's Social Services Department to create a training and promotional video about its wide range of Learning Disability Services. The film required us to work with many disabled service users, all of which starred in the finish film.


For Havant County Council, we worked with Big Blue Bubble Productions to create an educational teenage pregnancy advice video called 'Up The Duff'. The finished film was used in schools to stimulate debate and awareness about contraception and teen pregnancy.


Working with Portsmouth City Council on various videos across the years, these have included: a skatepark promotional video;   and numerous not-for-profit organisation promotional videos.


Sample completed films can be viewed here and here.


Project:  Celebrate Success Awards

Director / Producer:  Stephen Surridge

Genre:  Documentary / Talking Heads


Between 2004 and 2006, Touchlife Productions Ltd was commissioned by HRH Prince Charles' charity - The Princes Trust - to shoot regional and national videos, profiling the winners of the charity's 'Celebrate Success' Awards.


The work involved meeting beneficiaries of the charities various work, to capture their stories - where they had came from and how the charity had helped them - in short video monologues. The work was accomplished at great pace with contacts often being confirmed at very short notice.


Clients interviewed included: young homeless people; young offenders; young people suffering from a variety of mental health problems; and the long-term unemployed.


The work really drew upon Stephen's journalistic talents, as well as his ability to get people to feel at ease with him after meeting for only a short time, getting people to open up and tell their very emotional and vulnerable stories.


The work was fully endorsed by HRH Prince Charles, who on meeting Stephen in 2006, commented:


"You really must make me more of your wonderful videos.


View sample videos here and here.


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