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The Best Soap Plot In Years

Hats off to EastEnders and its Les Coker cross-dressing storyline, this by far is the big soap storyline of 2015: its characters are very real, the storyline has clearly been researched, it's educational, and it's very sensitive and emotional to watch. Forget the paint-by-numbers, stock emotion melodrama of the 'Who Killed Lucy' and 'Kathy Back From The Dead' plots - which both the writers and actors clearly have no personal experience of (I think Jane has demonstrated she has about 4 stock reactions to whatever situation she is dealing with) this is by far the most interesting and sensitive plot the show has done in year's, of a quality all the soaps used to excel at. If EastEnders can stick to this kind of material and dump the sensationalist nonsense, it will be back on top forever.

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