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E-Drama - Screen Acting Training

1 Day Intensive Workshops in 2019

E-Drama offers a low cost, practical 21st century approach to drama training. Teaching leading-edge Hollywood acting techniques - as used by Brad Pitt and Jim Carrey - we utilise the latest digital technologies and Web TV broadcast platforms to provide students with intensive filming experience and a showreel of their work, helping them launch their acting careers.


A traditional drama school/University drama course education is often very expensive (£9,000+); heavily over-subscribed; and involves the student moving away from home to study for several years, often learning outdated drama techniques and drama theory.


Little opportunity exists for them to develop their unique acting skills in a professional working environment and obtain the necessary exposure to attract representation and launch a successful acting career.


Statistics show that most acting graduates give up on their acting career ambitions within 6 to 12 months of leaving drama school.


E-Drama exists to remedy this situation. And to do it in a fun way!
Our 1 Day Intensive Screen Acting Training Workshops Start in June 2019
For further information and to enrol, visit
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