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Are The Soaps Doing Enough To Hook In The Next Generation Of Viewers?

I'm in my early forties but remember getting hooked on soap operas from an early age. First it was EastEnders that got me watching, before I totally got hooked on the Aussie soaps for a couple of years, before then becoming totally obsessed with Brookside. As I've grown older my interest has diminished as the shows have dropped in quality, but I'm still very much aware what is going on with all the soaps. In comparison, I've two gorgeous 14 year old niece's who aren't the slightest bit interested in any of the soaps, let alone watching scheduled TV in general. One of them has recently become addicted to watching 'Pretty Little Lies' on Netflix, so the concept of soap opera has captured her attention. But they seem far more preoccupied with social media and Minecraft. Looking at the main soaps, surely they are doomed if they make zero effort to capture the interest of a young audience, who will become their core audience tomorrow. Watching Coronation Street recently, I was shocked at how old all the main cast are, it's clearly a programme for pensioners. And EastEnders depiction of young people these days is so removed from reality, it's pretty much an insult to younger people. What do you think?

(As published on Digital Spy:

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