'SCARS' - currently in development

'SCARS' - A 'Living Media' Experience

‘SCARS’ will pioneer a ‘living media’ brand experience, engaging the audience by actively encouraging them to suggest plots and characters for the show, and providing local drama workshops and online acting auditions for them to join the cast.


Discovering yourself while at university is an archetypal experience. Everyone has their own story to tell, and by actively inviting story submissions from the millions of past and present students will provide access to a rich stream of original story ideas, as well as securing the audiences commitment to and promotion of the show.


All casting and story submissions will be free of charge, but a paid for online membership area will provide video training material for audience members serious about a career in these fields.


Extraneous content developing the characters will exist online – via Facebook and Twitter pages, etc – enhancing the audience’s understanding of the characters. Internet based storylines featured in the show – such as the ‘Slice of Student Life’ video blog project and Daniel’s ‘Hate Harmony’ social media campaign - will also exist online operating in sync with the shows content.


‘SCARS’ will be filmed in North London at various real life University locations to reduce set & production costs

MAIN CHARACTERS - image likenesses only

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