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WHO I AM - Stephen Surridge (Mr Happiness 2000)

Stephen Surridge is a self proclaimed 'Professional Happiness Coach' - a title he gave himself when running the positive mental health charity 'Feel Good UK' in Portsmouth, UK - between 2009 and 2012.


In 2010, Feel Good UK was officially endorsed by Louise L. Hay of Hay House Publications - author of the best selling book 'You Can Heal Your Life' - who said: "Feel Good UK is one of the best programs I've come across for young people. I highly recommend them!"  


Stephen knows the power and importance of happiness, feeling good and enjoying life, having lived through an emotionally turbulent childhood and suffering the debilitating effects of Chronic Fatigue for 15 years.

So severe was his fatigue that in the mid 90's, Stephen sought help from the NHS. Convinced his illness was viral, between 1996 and 1999 Stephen underwent 25 blood tests but still doctors could find nothing wrong with him. Left to fend for himself, it was only in 2007 - when Stephen stumbled across the thought management techniques he now teaches - that he was able to 'cure' himself and begin living life to the full.


A grant funded organisation that was closed due to cutbacks in the UK's charity sector, 'Feel Good UK' taught the same drug-free positive mental health, positive attitude and happiness strategies that Stephen is now promoting through this website and his Happiness workshops.


The client base he's worked with over the years include: disengaged delinquent youths; the long term unemployed; ex-offenders; people suffering with various phobias; and many stressed and depressed business professionals and executives.  


The success stories that have resulted from his work prove these 'happiness strategies' work, and that this knowledge is the missing piece to many people's lives.       


Stephen's success track record to date includes:


* Saving a young girl on the brink of suicide making her recognise her self-worth, changing her negative inner voice to one of appreciation and positivity.


* Helping a profoundly deaf long-term unemployed individual secure full time employment within weeks of finishing Stephen's training, making him aware of his limited self-perception and silencing his critical inner voice.


* Helping an individual paralysed by social anxiety to begin living life to the full, making him aware that his fears were all a mental creation.


Mr Happiness 2000 teaches a simplified version of the message of Abraham-Hicks, whose US based teachings can be seen and heard via the various video and audio clips on this sites blog.


"Nothing is more important than that you feel good." -  Abraham-Hicks


My target market is young and young minded individuals who want to enjoy life, increase their productivity and motivation, and increase their personal sense of fulfilment. If this is you then get in touch!


"The power of these easy to apply teachings and their deep resonance within all individuals that I have successfully worked with is truly remarkable.


Fundamentally, we all have the tools within us to lead extremely happy, successful and abundant lives; we simply need to understand to pay attention to our emotions which act as our own individual guidance to all that we want in life. Nothing is outside of us; all our power is within. It is a message of true empowerment." - Stephen Surridge


For further information about Abraham-Hicks, visit here.


Aaron - age 21 years

When Aaron first came to us he was diagnosed with Social Anxiety, afraid to leave his house due to past trauma.


"Before I had no confidence and I kept holding on to past things that kept bringing on past memories, and that’s why I went on the training to build my confidence up…  I couldn’t speak to people because my confidence was too low."


Attending our 5-day ‘It’s All About You’ course, Aaron’s confidence grew after completing many of the physical challenges presented on the residential. And thanks to the positive environment of the course, Aaron began to like himself a great deal more, beginning to think more positive thoughts about himself and the world, which generated positive emotion.


"I now feel better about myself basically, and [am now open] to think more about jobs, careers and other stuff."


Since graduating from our training, Aaron has completed several job training workshops and has taken up several volunteer and work experience placements. Now much more socially active, he is a great deal more confident and is starting to really enjoy his life.


Patrick - age 21 years

Patrick is profoundly deaf due to suffering from Meningitis at a young age, and for many years let his disability hold him back. He attended a 5-day ‘It’s All About You’ course tutored by Mr Happiness 2000 to improve his self-esteem and build his self confidence.


"I’ve never really seen myself in the highest regard; I’ve always thought people would see me in simple terms."


During the course, Patrick amazed all with his strength and ability, mental determination and resilience which saw him succeed in all of the physical challenges presented. More importantly, he impressed all with his calm and respectful manner, his warmth and compassion for others, and his larger than life humorous personality.


“It helped to set my vision straight; what I needed to think about opposed to what I was thinking about.”


Within two weeks of completing the course, Patrick secured himself a full-time job. He is a much respected part of the workforce and is beginning to realise his huge potential. His disability is no longer limiting his life because he likes himself more.

Stephen Surridge with Peter Feelbad - one of the mascot characters of the positive mental health charity 'Feel Good UK'







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